Dylan's Momma (oni85) wrote in 1day1poem,
Dylan's Momma

special two post Friday

Hope you guys don't mind two posts today. I wrote a poem for my grandpa that I'd like to share.

Lament on His Leaving

They sent his clothes to needy people in Fiji,
I think somehow he would have liked that.
He went to Costa Rica every year before the cancer
I wish we could have taken his ashes there

The last time I saw him alive (or at all)
I laid on the couch next to his hospital bed
so we could look eye to eye, on the same level
the recognition was there, though faint and watery

He said I could go home, he didn't want to trouble me
but my grandmother had gone to get more medicine
and didn't like him being helpless and alone
somehow fearing house fires and not the cancer

My grandmother gave me the table we built
the green one with the wheels on the bottom
I put it on my apartment balcony in the sun
and put potted plants on it the way that he did

My grandmother gave me a tin of toys
little porcelain animals he’d given me long ago
including a delicate swan with a broken neck
that he’d mended long ago with glue and patience

I kept the tin of toys in my dresser
and threw the obituary away immediately
I sat with a drink in my hand, contemplated my plants
Somehow, I knew he would have liked that.

- Alysha Hazzard
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